Daniel Z. Seyler
For New Jersey State Senate


Property Tax Relief, paid for by reduction in spending of 3%.

In New Jersey, Seniors receive from the State what the State calls "SENIOR FREEZE". What SENIOR FREEZE does for Seniors is it freezes Senior's Property Tax levels to a previous date before the cost of New Jersey Property Tax exploded. To receive a SENIOR FREEZE payment, the Senior must file for a REBATE. It's one of those intimidating REBATE deals where a person pays money into the system and then requests money refund.

What I am proposing is "SENIOR FREEDOM". With SENIOR FREEDOM, the Senior's property tax will be decreased. With my plan, a Senior or a qualified disabled person receives a reduction for their present Real Estate assessment for 1,000 square feet of housing area. In other words, my proposal is, if a Senior's dwelling is assessed based on 2,000 square feet of space, the Senior will be taxed for only 1,000 square feet of that area. Seniors will not need to file for a REBATE, Seniors will be allowed to keep their money.

The results of SENIOR FREEDOM will be multiple:

  • First, Seniors will be able to better afford to stay in their homes without fear of being forced out into the street by an uncaring government;
  • Second, Relatives may be willing to move into the home of a Senior because the Senior pays less Property Tax;
  • Third, Seniors who move into the house of a relative will be more welcome because the Senior will bring along a 1,000 square foot reducton in the assessment on the dwelling they move into.

    Seniors should not be forced into long, intimidating litigation. On the internet, Abraham Lincoln is credited with this quote: "Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this."

    Thank-you for your support.

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