Daniel Z. Seyler
For New Jersey State Senate

Who should decide?
A Politician, or the VOTERS?

INITIATIVE & REFERENDUM is a law that should have been initiated by the United States Congress a long time ago. Elite Organizations would lose power over the people if people could make their own laws. Citizen rule is how DEMOCRACY is supposed to work. Legislation by the people for the people.

The State of California is advanced in the use of INITIATIVE & REFERENDUM. I'm not an authority on California Law, However, if I am elected to the office of State Senator in New Jersey District 23, I'd pick up the telephone and request a copy of their legislation. I'd read the legislation on my lunch breaks and decide if their version of I & R is right for New Jersey or if a different version would suit New Jersey better.

My Opinion: To promote grassroots political activity is good.
If a person or group has an issue they want to pursue, and a politician refuses to assist them, they should be able to collect 1,000 statewide signatures on a petition and place the signature collector's issue to a Public Question Vote in one Senate District of the signature collector's choice. Furthermore, if the movement is strong, then the collection of signatures will be easy. If ten percent of statewide voters will sign a petition, I feel that issue should be brought to a Statewide Public Question. With a fifty percent approval in a public question vote the issue should move to the next higher level of debate, either to the Assembly or the Senate. If the Senate or the Assembly do not support an issue that fifty percent of the voters support, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE !

If elected, I would not bury the issue in an expensive ANONYMOUS COMMITTEE. I would take the issue to the people through the election process. Please see MARIJUANA.

Please support me and help change our course.

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