Daniel Z. Seyler
For New Jersey State Senate


There is a LOW COST HOUSING SHORTAGE in New Jersey and around the United States.

The housing shortage was created to control and oppress people. Freedom is limited when people must consider becoming homeless before they express their opinions. I became homeless in 1992 two years after I expressed opinions in a 1990 campaign for United States Senate. Individuals I could not identify warned me, and I didn't believe the extent of their influence.

During my campaign in 1989 and 1990, I interviewed people and collected data about housing needs. I estimated the national housing shortage to be approximately ten percent of the total number of dwellings. Five million dwellings are needed nationally and approximately 5,000 dwellings are needed in Northern New Jersey. The symptoms of a lowcost housing shortage are evident when another corporation leaves the United States for low cost labor abroad. Corporations can't afford to pay Americans what is needed to afford the American standard of living.

The only solution is for government to take a greater responsibility for our citizen's housing needs.

My detractors will say there is a contradiction in my statements. I am opposed to uncontrolled sprawl and I call for an increase in lowcost housing. Here's the difference. Sprawl affordable housing = $ 35,000. per bedroom vs. Lowcost housing = $7,000. per bedroom.

Please support me and help change our course.

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