Daniel Z. Seyler
For New Jersey State Senate


This resolution is intended to counter act against government inflation of Real Estate Property value assessments that are above justifiable market values for Real Property. The Government's motive seems to be GREED.

WHEREAS: The Government of New Jersey is the indisputable De Facto owner and Feudal Land Lord of all land within New Jersey proved by the enforced imposition of Property Taxes and restrictive codes, AND;
WHEREAS: Real Estate Property value assessment by Government for the purpose of extorting Property Tax is often inflated beyond actual property market value, AND;
WHEREAS: in New Jersey, in 2010 we had more Taxation and Regulation than we had in New Jersey in 1775 under rule of King George III, AND;
WHEREAS: The Government of New Jersey in 2010 has become an oppressive Socialist Tyranny, AND;
WHEREAS: It is the Constitutional right and duty of the residents of New Jersey to reform Government in ways that limit Government's authoritarian control of citizens of New Jersey;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that this plan be adopted to save residents from oppression of an overzealous system of Real Estate Property taxation, AND;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the Government will pay any resident Real Estate Owner the assessed value of their PRIMARY RESIDENCE as follows:
1) This is a one time opportunity;
2) The PRIMARY RESIDENCE must be owned and occupied for ten years before the resident may demand payment for the residence, an exemption to this requirement will be with the death of the Primary Resident wherein the estate of the deceased may occupy the deceased person's property for the remainder of the ten year requirement;
3) Government assessment value must be paid in full no more than six months after demand by a Qualified Resident. The amount paid will be TAX FREE, exempt from Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Estate Tax, Beneficiary Tax, Gift Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax, Federal or State Income Tax or any other tax that may be overlooked.

Please support me and help change our course.

Paid for by: Daniel Z. Seyler For State Senate, 22 N MAIN ST, 08865