Daniel Z. Seyler
For New Jersey State Senate

Too much power is placed in the hands of too few ANONYMOUS COMMITTEES

One of the best examples of how ANONYMOUS COMMITTEES have too much control of our state is the story about Kuser Mansion and High Point State Park. High Point was one of the greatest gifts the State of New Jersey ever received. Because of it's remote location, the park was poorly managed and poorly maintained.

In the 1960's repair estimates were solicited. The beautiful mansion was settling and a leaking roof was causing the inside of the building to remain damp. The ANONYMOUS COMMITTEE learned about a need to raise the building's low point. The foundation needed to be reinforced, repairs were needed to the roof, gutters needed to be fixed to prevent water from entering the basement. The State could never come up with repair money from the budget. (these monitary figures may not be the actual repair estimates. I am using these figures as a model of how repair costs can escalate if minimum maintenance is not conducted.) $6,000. in needed repairs became $20,000. As the building deteriorated, $20,000 in needed repairs became $50,000. and so on and so on. The rest is history. There's probably a paper trail wider than the Delaware River. If I could afford the attorney fees to get at the records, there would be nothing that could be done to save the mansion. It's gone. (this information was found by researching High Point State Park in the Newspapers, on the Internet and by talking with wise individuals who shall remain ANONYMOUS.)

My detractors will say,'Oh, that's just an isolated case. And that was so long ago, noone cares.'. My statement. The problem is statewide. Take a look at the Atlantic City Tunnel Project. An ANONYMOUS COMMITTEE decided to dig a big hole and make a passage under the Atlantic City Expressway. The truth is: The mission of Atlantic City to provide relief to Senior citizens isn't being realized to the fullest extent because ANONYMOUS COMMITTEES are spending the Senior's money before the Seniors ever see it.

The ANONYMOUS COMMITTEE that studied the factors and decided to build a Train Museum in Phillipsburg, New Jersey is another example of too much power in too few hands.

To eliminate ANONYMOUS COMMITTEES, we need to elect administrators who can say 'NO' to the special interest groups that promote the special projects costing taxpayers so much money.

If elected, I will do everything in my ability to prevent a need to raise taxes to pay for interest on debt refinancing for special interest projects we don't need.

Please support me and help change our course.

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